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About Orveas Bay Resort and your hosts Ron & June Williams

Dear Guests and Friends ...

As we begin our 17th year operating Orveas Bay we would like to say "Thank You" to all of our guests who came to visit it 2016, it was our busiest year ever! You came from far and wide to spend time in this wonderful west coast area. There were a number of activities you came for. Some of you drove the Pacific Marine Circle route that remained open all summer with no forest fires to stop the traffic. Some of you hiked parts of the Juan de Fuca Trail while others hiked the numerous Provincial beach trails close by. Some of you hiked to see the Big Trees in Port Renfrew and stopped to have a cold one on the deck of the hotel watching the fishers unloading their catch of the day. Some got up at dawn to go whale watching and charter fishing. Others stayed closer to home to spending a lazy afternoon at Sheringham Lighthouse with its spectacular ocean views then wandering up to Shirley Delicious to savour the delightful baked goods and Philip’s famous coffee. Our kids are coffee addicts and all say he brews up the best! Some of you just "hung out" on the deck swaying in a hammock, watching the eagles soar. And to all of you, we say Thank You!

Of course, none of this is possible without our housekeepers, both who have been with us a number of years. They take pride in keeping everything perfect for our guests and are always there to greet them with a smile. Thank you Gals!

Reviews .. we have 15 guest books scattered about the house and cottages. All are filled with your thoughts, the things you did during your visit and what you liked about the accommodations. Many were couples celebrating anniversaries, birthdays and honeymooners. So a very romantic group! Only a handful wrote to Trip Advisor and we appreciate those who did.

It is rather late writing this annual year end message as we were busy over the Christmas holidays and left for 2 months in January. The year flew by perhaps because we spent more time taking holidays throughout the year. We decided after 17 years in operation we needed to do some of the travels we had only talked about.

In October we had the pleasure of taking a 3 week cruise down the west coast stopping in at Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and thru the Panama Canal. We have spent time in Panama and had always wanted to travel thru the canal. We were not disappointed. The cruise was fun, great evening dinners, breakfast on our little balcony, lazy days and even dance lessons, cha! cha! cha! We then spent time in Ft Lauderdale, travelling the canals and exploring the Everglades by boat. We seem to always travel to the west coast so this was a nice change of scenery.

In November we flew to Edmonton to visit with friends and celebrate Ron’s mom 91th birthday. I had a great visit with old friends Bill and Marg Kay with daughters Kim and Marney. Kim is my God-daughter so it was a pleasure to see how she has grown into a lovely young woman.

We spent the Christmas holidays in Whistler with family Tracy, David and Berit and Grand dog Dixie Lots of snow, cold , but a very fun time.

In Jan we packed up our new 36 ft motor home and headed south. It was quite an experience as the rain and wind storms brought down trees and mud slides in northern California. We spent time visiting family Brad, Hope, Sam and wee Gran dog Baily. Love those Happy Hours! We parked our rig in a beautiful RV Park in Cathedral City, terrific amenities, 2 golf courses, a dozen tennis courts. Six swimming pools and a large selection of every activity imaginable .The park is close to Palm Springs and Palm Desert, so an easy drive to shopping and restaurants.

We drove up the west coast on our way home stopping in Monterey, Pismo Beach and Carmel. We had planned to drive The Big Sur highway unfortunately it was still closed from the storms. A very interesting trip and major driving test for Ron!

So now we are back and in the midst of painting, repairing and spring clean up. Perhaps the mild winters we have had over the past couple of years have spoiled us and we had forgotten that it can snow here! With the cold spell and heavy frost all of the flowers will need to be replaced this spring. Last year most of the flowers had wintered over and bloomed all summer long. We had trees bent over from the weight of fruit. And that brought bears!

We had one bear that thought he was the family dog. He climbed the pear tree that collapsed and brought down a rain of pears. After he had munched his way through the pears, he crawled under the fence, climbed into the fish pond and ate all our little fish for dessert! When you have lived in a remote area for 25 years the wild animals have become accustomed to us coming and going, so there is little fear on their part. We always let our guests know when hiking to just let them hear you are around.

Guests come to visit for a number of reasons; a celebration, some "time out" to recharge, to paint, to meditate, to read, to be outdoors, whatever the reason, we welcome you to enjoy your own space. Reading thru a couple of letters received in the past couple of months. One young woman was recovering from surgery and another couple had been going thru a sad time and needed a place to turn off the world and then a letter from a young man saying it was as special occasion as he was going to propose to his lady on our beach. How romantic is that! By the way she accepted.

Every winter we have more and more guests coming to Orveas Bay. The accommodations are warm and all have a fireplace to chase away the chills. Surprising the cold does not stop guests from soaking in the hot tubs! I wrote the following awhile back and it reminded me of the energy of winters I have experienced these many years living on the shores of the Pacific ocean.

The Wild West Coast in Winter

Thundering surf, huge rolling swells, miles of secluded beaches, gulls floating on the ocean breezes .. just you .. experiencing heaven on earth.

During late fall and winter the West Coast takes on a new life .. the ocean captures raw energy and movement begins ..

The air becomes cool and a mystical fog plays over the towering forest and restless sea.

Some say it is the finest time to experience this magical coast.

To spend time alone, taking time to sit on a log and gaze across shimmering waters that blend into an endless blue sky.

Watching the news reports of all things negative in the world makes one want to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head. But unfortunately this is impossible for the majority of us. As we go about our lives we can only personally do what we can to resist being a part of this negativity. The US is going thru a difficult time of dissention and unrest. As our closest neighbour and friend we can take a lesson from the cause of much of this development. This is not meant to be a political platform but after spending last couple of months in the States my thoughts are we need to pay closer attention to our politicians and what they are proposing. To not take our right to vote for granted and to know the importance of casting our ballot. To listen to the candidate. Do I agree with what they are saying? Just some thoughts.

Each of us can offer our own contribution, perhaps some simple gesture, a thank you, a smile, a helping hand or most importantly an acceptance of "everyone" who are living their lives in a peaceful loving manner.

Thank you once again for coming to visit. We look forward to your return visit.

Happy Travels!
June & Ron Williams - Orveas Bay

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Orveas Bay Resort
Orveas Bay Resort
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Phone: 250-646-2304
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